All the advantages of our popular Squirter DTI without the feeler gage

Engineered to Last

The squirt media in DuraSquirt® DTIs has been engineered to withstand the abuse from front exhaust guns, winds, heavy rains, heat and cold. To prove how much abuse DuraSquirt® DTIs can withstand, we ran one through an automated dishwasher for 1 year. Despite the daily punishment of heated turbulent water and detergent, the squirt media was still visible.

DuraSquirt® DTI
1 Year

After running in the dishwasher for 1 Year

DuraSquirt® DTI
2 Years

After running in the dishwasher for 1 year and rattling around in our demo toolbox for another year

Positive Proof

Erectors can prove they have tensioned all the bolts. Inspectors can visually note that the bolts have been tensioned. Owners can come along as needed without rushing. They can do all of this without a feeler gage.

DuraSquirt® DTI
18 Months

Post-installation on a job site on the Gulf of Mexico

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