Skidmore-Wilhelm Plate Counter Bore & Applied Bolting DTIs

Skidmore-Wilhelm has come out with a new incredibly light bolt tension calibrator, Model MZ. Coming in at 21lbs and housed in a water-tight bang-resistant case that's easy on the fingers, the new MZ can accommodate a much broader range of bolt diameters and lengths compared to the later Model MS. If you decided to purchase the Model MZ, any other model or plates from Skidmore, please make sure that you let them know that you will be using the unit for Applied Bolting DTIs.

The new Skidmore front plates have a counter bore on one face that allow for a shorter length bolt just by flipping the plate over. This is done for both their standard and short front plates. Unfortunately the stock counter bore is too narrow to accept our A490 DTIs and will make it difficult to inspect A325 DTIs with a feeler gage. Upon request Skidmore will widen the counter bore in the front plates to accept our A490 DTIs and will make inspecting the A325 DTI much easier. Also be aware that there is a small chamfer on the edge of the bore going through the plate on one side. When asking for plates that work best with our DTIs we recommend you ask Skidmore to leave this small chamfer out. There is no extra charge for any of this from Skidmore, and you can still use these plates for any other installation method. If you are wondering if you have the correct plates for DTIs, we have a couple pictures posted so you can spot the difference. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at Applied Bolting Technology anytime 1-800-552-1999.

You can find Skidmore-Wilhelm product information, manuals, and bolt length chart at their website: