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Lab Technician I

Revision Date: April 2022
Department: Health, Safety, and Quality
FLSA: Non-exempt


Health, Safety, and Quality is the foundation to Applied Bolting's success. It enables us to confidently provide a product that safely increases the speed at which our customers get the job done right the first time.

Lab Technician I must follow, implement, and maintain internal systems to provide a controlled process, support quality production, and adherence to company standards. Monitor all raw materials and finished goods for compliance with all internal and industry standards.

Reporting Relationships:

Reports to the Director of Health, Safety, and Quality. Daily direction given from Lab Technician III. No direct supervisory responsibilities.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Follow, implement, monitor, and maintain industry conforming and compliant methods of analyzing and controlling QA standards.
  • Receive parts for testing ensuring they are logged appropriately and meet internal standards for proceeding to the next level of production.
  • Review finished product specifications and methods of product evaluation - sampling, testing, analysis, and report of results/findings.
  • Maintain all required and appropriate documentation following industry standards, statutory requirements, and scientific standards/terminology.
  • Collaborate, communicate and meet with managers and other appropriate personnel to accomplish Company goals. Prepare for and attend meetings as required.
  • Adhere to, use and assist with enforcement of safe work practices, following all SOPs and other safety rules/regulations. Report any potential safety hazards, near misses or injuries to the HSQ Director.
  • Ensure maintenance of a neat/clean/safe work area to prevent injury.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned or required.
Desired Characteristics:
  • Good critical thinking skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • High attention to detail and good organizational skills.
  • Good communication and teamwork skills.
  • Understanding of electronic and computerized equipment.
  • Work experience using Smartsheet, Odoo, POS systems.
  • Understanding of differences between metric and imperial units.
  • Strong desire to learn and process new information.
  • Priority given to those with experience in foodservice or hospitality industry.
Required Qualifications:

Positive attitude – Priority given to those with positive attitude and ability to navigate change with grace.
High School diploma or GED.
Ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Both verbally and through written documentation.
Ability to reason with and apply basic math including use of calculator.
Work experience using Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, Teams.

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All High Strength Structural Bolts shall include an F959(M) DuraSquirt DTI®, quenched and tempered in accordance with ASTM F959 section 4.3.2, manufactured by Applied Bolting Technology, and installed and inspected, per their instructions.

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