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Site Practical Bolting Consulting

Want an Applied Bolting Rep on your job site? We do too. Just call and we'll get one there to help.

Our field bolting seminars take place right on your site. We "tune up" your crew. All the latest in practical bolting advice from the newest in code regulations to the latest in how to bolt up so inspectors will think your people are absolutely the best. Whether or not you use our DTI's. We're invited to do it every year for the IIW in San Diego, so why not on your site?

We'd like to show you how to save bolting time and improve your accuracy. We'd like to show the project inspectors the best way to get their job done too, effectively and without slowing down the job. Give us a try, and if you can, give us a little notice. Notice of a week or two would be great.

Costs vary from nothing (free) to approximately $800 USD per day plus travel expenses, about the same as you'd pay an ironworker for a couple of days. Equipment demonstrations for (say) wrenches are similarly priced from nothing, to just $800 USD per day. Costs vary due to job location, size, and proximity to other jobsites using our DTIs, most of the time we try to make it free but that is not always the case.

Office Training

Want to get all your engineers and specification writers up to date? Call and arrange a time, and if we're in the area, we'll take a couple of hours and review:

  • All the bolting methods
  • The RCSC specification on each
  • How to get the best bolting job for the least dollar
  • The difference between torque and tension in bolts
  • How to use and inspect both regular and SQUIRTER® DTIs

Applied Bolting's staff are members of the ASTM Fastener Committee, the RCSC, and the AISC Certified Steel Inspector Program.

Applied Bolting Helps Union Ironworkers Apprentice Program
Here's what some have to say about Squirter® DTIs and Applied Bolting's benefit to the industry of structural steel bolting.
We are truly flattered.
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Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied that our visit has helped your crews to be substantially more efficient, thereby saving you way more than the cost of our visit, we will refund 100% of our charges for the visit.

Applied Bolting Technology Products
Specify it!

Add the following statement to your structures bolting specification.
All High Strength Structural Bolts shall include an F959(M) DuraSquirt® DTI, quenched and tempered in accordance with ASTM F959 section 4.3.2, manufactured by Applied Bolting Technology, and installed and inspected, per their instructions.

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