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Keep your projects running smoothly with our direct tension indicating (DTI) washers.

We know that a problem as small as improperly tightened bolts can ripple into big hold ups. That is why our revolutionary DTIs provide visual verification of bolt tension. All our products are designed, engineered, and made in America, using decades of research and cutting edge technologies from the bolting industry. We are the only U.S. manufacturer of heat treated DTIs in accordance with ASTM, AISC, RCSC, and the United States Fastener Quality Act of 1999.

These DTIs provide visual verification of bolt tension – proof that your crew has done their job well and that their connections will function as intended.

Quality is our top priority because we know that you need the best products in order to do your job well. Due to this, tens of millions of our DTIs have been used all over the USA, Canada, Central America, South America, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. When you purchase Applied Bolting Technology products, you can be confident that they will be the highest quality available, delivered promptly, and supported completely.

What projects are you working on that would benefit from our products? Choose from our structural or flange bolting lines.

Get your bolts installed to the correct tension, regardless of torque resistance, with our DTIs.

The orange indication media expelled by some of our products makes bolt installation and inspection easy and accurate. These DTIs provide proof that your crew has done their job well and that their connections will function as intended.

Improve your flange bolting process with our innovative products. You’ll save time and money while increasing safety by reducing pinch points.

All of our products are user-friendly, and some can even be easily incorporated into your legacy method. Plus, our DTIs provide you with visual quality assurance on your flange bolting projects.

  • “Very hands-on and knowledgeable people presenting clearly. I applaud them! I took this course [AISC/RCSC Virtual Structural Bolting Clinic] for the PDH, but I really enjoyed it.”

  • “Wow… Excellent presentation of material regarding bolting torque issues and problems. The delivery was engaging and kept our attention.”

  • “Thank you again for your excellent help and generosity in holding the short educational/training/infomercial about structural bolting and your products. I had tried for months if not years to explain your products and all the particulars about bolting and tensioning etc. but it wasn’t until you guys helped with the presentation that we ever got it across.”

  • “You and your team were very thorough in your presentation of pre-installation verification (PIV) and more than willing to answer questions from the group. The hands-on demonstration in shop was superb, illustrating the correct procedures used for PIV as well as emphasizing key components during the testing.”

  • “I’ve watched the evolution of different technologies in the industry, and certain technological advancements in welding and bolting. For me there’s two that stand out as the biggest impacts on our industry, one of them being DuraSquirt® DTIs.”

  • “We live in extraordinary times. We have access to so many resources that it is mind-blowing how easy finding a subject matter expert is. Today was one of those days for me, I decided, and although I could not find my code reference for rejection, I was confident I was correct. The contractor did not see it the way I did, so we discussed it. I then reached out to Chris Curven, who showed me the error of my way and the code references of why I was incorrect.

    I am so thankful for the access to information that we have, but I want to give a moment of thanks to people like Chris, who are there at a moment's notice. I say that his input was free; we do not currently have any business we are transacting together; he just helped a guy out on a job.

    If you are in the structural fabrication or bolting realm, give his firm Applied Bolting Technology Products Incorporated a follow. Great people over there.”

  • “Hi Chris,

    I attended the steel day event last week... I found the Applied Bolting demonstration the most useful of all of the activities. The AB rep demonstrated the difference between torque and tension metrics, how field conditions can affect the tension at the same torque, and how the DTIs address that - all of which I found very informative. ”

  • “Chris,

    That was one of the most informative and practical webinars or seminars I have ever attended. Great information.  Great presentation.  Great refresher on high-strength bolts.  Really enjoyed it. And yes, they still ask for torque charts no matter what we tell them. ”

  • “Kristyn and the entire Applied Bolting Team,

    I have only recently started transacting with your company, but I want to say how impressed I am with the excellent level of customer service I have received.  The quick responses, follow up, and attention to detail has been fantastic.  Your support to me and this project is very much appreciate!!

      A very big THANK YOU to you all !! ”

  • “Thank you, Chris.  Well done!  I enjoyed your presentation and found it very informative.  Thank you! ”

  • “That stick wax you sent worked great. The torque went down real low and all three bolts passed the 'Skidmore Test'. ”

  • “This Webinar has been THE BEST use of an hour I have ever spent in a CEU activity. Thanks. ”

  • “Hey Chris thanks for hosting them, they are a good source of information for our guys here.”

  • “Chris, the L&L meeting was fantastic! One thing I love about this industry is no matter how long you’re in it you learn something new almost every day and sitting through your presentation was no different. Next time we have a Bolting issue in the field it’s going to run smoother because of the knowledge we now have. Keep your ears on. I’m sure will be calling you! Thanks for connecting with me brother talk soon.”