• By squirt alone, you can tell which bolts are tight, which ones are not and why.
    All by eye without torque wrenches, match-marking or feeler gages.

Easier & Better than Turn-of Nut

  • - You don't have to remember to stop turning at 1/3, 1/2, or 2/3 turn.

  • - No matching marking necessary.

  • - No need for a second set of hands to hold a spud wrench.

Better than a Twist-Off Bolt

  • - Tension control rather than torque control.

  • - No spline end to twist off and become a safety hazard.

  • - No problems caused by the splined end shearing off in torsion before the plies are together.

Easier & Better than Calibrated Wrench

- You don't have to establish and then check the torque resistance of bolts daily and for each lot and when your wrench condition changes.

Erector Benefits

  • - Enables correct tensioning as fast as the wrench can be moved to the next bolt, because the operator can see when to stop.

  • - The orange silicone is easy for erectors to see. No feeler gage except during calibration.

  • - Erectors know when to stop tightening. Some applications prefer bolts tightened over a minimum, without over tightening.

Inspector Benefits

  • - Once calibrated, because inspectors can easily see the orange Squirts™, they don't have to climb out to all the connections or lug around a torque wrench to know the connection has been completed.

  • - And instead of sampling only some of the DTI's with a feeler gage, Squirter® DTIs allow virtually 100% inspection.

SS-39D Orange Silicone RTV Lower Viscosity
MSDS - RTV 200-185 Orange Silicone Elastomer