April 11th-13th, 2018

2018 NASCC: The Steel Conference

Come see us in Booth # 1422 at this years conference.


June 13th 2017

33rd Annual Ironworker Instructor Training Program

We will be onsite for Vendor Night Wednesday July 19th, stop by and check out our DuraSquirt DTIs and get a free Hat or T-shirt.

See the program details here!

July 8th 2016

Dacromet Coating to be Phased Out

Applied Bolting Technology has been notified by our suppliers that the proprietary dip-spin coating system commonly known as Dacromet® has reached it's "End of Life" and we can no longer expect availability of Dacromet® in the future. Other proprietary dip-spin coating systems are marketed as available replacements within ASTM F1136, (and meeting the RoHS compliance issues that caused Dacromet® to be discontinued) but due to increased risks of recess infill and greater overall thickness all other ASTM F1136 dip-spin coatings have functional risks with our complete line of DTIs and Squirter® DTIs.

In cases where additional corrosion protection is required beyond the standard class 55 mechanical galvanizing specified in ASTM F959 and B695; Applied Bolting Technologies recommends a thermally diffused zinc coating under ASTM A1059 such as ArmorGalv® which offers corrosion control often exceeding 1,000 hours and also out performs both mechanical zinc plating and dip-spin plating in many functional ways. ArmorGalv® improves the performance of DTIs and Squirter® DTIs by depositing a tightly controlled and uniform thickness, with no infill issues and a paintable finish that has much higher abrasion and heat resistance than the other coatings. Thermally diffused Zinc also does not risk intrinsic H2 embrittlement nor does it have corrosion compatibility issues when in contact with HDG or other zinc rich coating systems.