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Engineers and Construction Managers, in order for us to better assist your jobsite, please provide us with the following information if you know your project will be using our Standard or Squirter® DTIs.
Please remember all personal contact information is optional. We are only seeking information that can help us stock enough product to meet your needs.
This information will also give us an idea when we can expect to be traveling to your site for our free field bolting clinics.
If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-552-1999 or

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Add the following statement to your structures bolting specification.
All High Strength Structural Bolts shall include an F959(M) DuraSquirt DTI®, quenched and tempered in accordance with ASTM F959 section 4.3.2, manufactured by Applied Bolting Technology, and installed and inspected, per their instructions.

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