NEW DuraSquirt® DTIs

Engineers and Construction Managers, in order for us to better assist your jobsite please fill out this short form if you know your jobsite will be using our Standard or Squirter® DTIs. Please remember all personal contact information is optional. We are only seeking information that can help us stock enough product to meet your needs. This information will also give us an idea when we can expect to be traveling to your site for our free jobsite training clinics. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-800-552-1999 orĀ
At AASHTO's annual Subcommittee on Bridges and Structures (SCOBS) meeting held in Norfolk, VA, a ballot was passed that specifically mentions and includes Self-Indicating DTIs (Squirter® DTI's) as an approved option for indicating when at least the minimum required clamp load has been achieved in structural bolts on steel bridges. Read More...
Squirter DTIs
Applied Bolting training videos are featured in Engineering News-Record, in print and online. You can find the full article in the May 16th Issue, Page 104, Products in Practice, and online. Read More...
Squirter DTIs
Occasionally people question whether Squirter® DTIs conform to ASTM standards. To put this question to bed once and for all, ASME standard B18.2.6-2010 Fasteners for Use in Structural Applications now recognizes silicone emitting type load indicator washers. Read More...
Bolts with Squirter DTIs
Applied Bolting Technology manufactures direct tension indicating (DTI) washers. These washers are used to get bolts installed to the correct TENSION, regardless of the bolt's torque resistance. Tens of millions of Squirter® DTI's have revolutionized the bolt-up process on power plants and other structural steel projects, making bolt installation and inspection easy and accurate. Now the Wind Power Industry is using them too.
Squirter DTIs
Self-indicating direct tension indicators, called Squirter® DTIs, are made to the same high quality standard and compression load resistance as our standard DTIs. Squirter® DTIs are simply regular DTI's with a flexible silicone embedded in the depressions under the bumps. As the bumps in the steel DTI washer are compressed by the action of tightening the bolt, the silicone is squirted out and becomes a visible indicator of correct bolt tension.
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NEW DuraSquirt® DTIs - READ MORE
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